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USA Swimming official for approximately the past twenty (20) years
USA Swimming National  Championship Official for the past 5 years
LSC Officials Committee Member for the past 4
LSC Senior Committee Member for the past 3 years
NCAA Conference Championship Official for the past 4 years

Ken Galica 

Bob Vincent (Team Lead Chief Judge)

  • USA Swimming Official for 19 years
  • USA Swimming National Championship Official for 14 years
  • New England Swimming Officials Committee Chair 2004-2007
  • New England Swimming Officials Committee 2001-2014
  • Meet Referee New England Swimming Championships 2007, 2009, 2013, 2015

Scott Doty

Denice Wepasnick

  • Involved with USA Swimming for 13 years
  • USA Swimming Official for 11 years
  • USA Swimming National Championship Official for 6 years
  • JUDGE for New England Swimming Open / Senior Championships 2011, 2012, 2013
  • TEAM LEED CHIEF JUDGE for Deaf International SC Championships & New England Senior Championships 2014

Amy Hoppenrath

Paul Uncangco

International Meet officiating experience:

  • DISCSC (Short Course Championships) 2014 - Meet Referee
  • London Olympic Games 2012 - Starter
  • FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup 2012 Tokyo Japan
  • FINA World Junior Championships 2011 Lima Peru
  • Duel in the Pool 2011

Paul Memont

And in 2000 I was invited to be a Stroke and Turn Judge at the Olympic Trials meet in Indianapolis, IN

Also, after having worked several meets as a CJ or Starter in 2001 I was given a Deck Referee assignment at the US Open in San Antonio, TX.

Since that time I have worked many Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, and US Open meets as a Deck Referee, a Starter, a CJ and a S&T Judge and as a S&T Judge at the Olympic Trials in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Also, in recent years I have been assigned as a National Official Evaluator and have traveled to many meets to mentor, train and evaluate prospective National and National Championship Officials in all positions.

In 2010 I was invited to officiate at the Pan Pacific Games in Irvine, CA and in 2014 I was the head Starter at the Junior Pan Pacific Games in Maui, HI.Also in 2014 I was a Referee at the Deaf International meet in Rochester, NY. This was my first meet for the organization and proved to be an interesting and rewarding experience. Thanks very much for inviting me again to this year's meet in San Antonio.

My life as a USA Swimming official began n NJ in the mid 1980's when my children swam first on the town summer swim team later with the local YMCA team.

In 1992 we moved to MA and in 1995, I attended my first Junior Nationals meet in Tempe, AZ.

I attended Junior Nationals and the US Open as a Stroke and Turn judge and applied to be a Chief Judge or a Starter after a couple of years.

Paul Maker

Virginia High School Swimming at the District, Regional, and State Championship meets.  He currently serves as the Meet Referee for the NCSA Club Championships in Orlando Florida, a meet that provides over one-half of the fasted times in the country for 18 and under swimmers every year.  Bob also serves as the USA Swimming Eastern Zone Officials Chair, the Treasurer for Potomac Valley Swimming, and a committee member for the Investment Committee of USA Swimming.  Bob is married to Erin and has two girls, Mandy who swam for Texas Christian University and Taylor, who currently swims for the University of South Carolina.

Bob became a certified USA Swimming Official over 15 years ago.  As his two girls began to swim at the National level he continued to volunteer and become a Nationally Certified Official.  Bob has served in many roles at Eastern Zone and USA Swimming National Championship meets including most recently serving as a Chief Judge for the 2014 USA Swimming Senior National Championships.  He served as the Meet Referee for Northern

Just recently came back from officiating at the 2015 Pan American games in Toronto, Canada. In addition to being a Technical Official, I started the men's Modern Pentathlon, swimming leg. I have been a starter at the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 USA National Championships as well as the 2007, 2011, and 2013 Junior National Championships, and the 2009 US Open. Rounding that out, I was a Stroke and Turn official for Nationals 2009, US Open 2009, Pan Pacs 2010 and Olympic Trials 2012. I also had the honor of starting the time trials at the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Rich Nolan(Chief Judge)

Amy has been a swimming official for over 20 years.  She has volunteered to work meets of all levels from country club swimming to age group to Olympic Trials.  In the past few years she has served as a Chief Judge at 2012 Olympic Trials, Meet Referee for 2013 Summer Junior Nationals, 2013 Austin Grand Prix and several sectional meets.  In August of 2014, she served as a Deck Referee at the Pan Pac meet in Australia.  She was appointed as a UANA official in 2012 and a FINA official this past year.   In addition to her officiating responsibilities, Amy serves on the USA Swimming Board of Directors as the Central Zone Non Coach Director and as the Administrative Vice Chair of Missouri Valley Swimming.

I have been a Swim Official for about 11 years. I have worked many LSC Age Group, Championship, and Senior Championship meets. In the last 6 months I have been Meet Referee at my first LSC Age Group Championship Meet and have worked my first Speedo Sectional Meet. It is my greatest honor to be asked to work at the 2015 World Deaf Swimming Championships in San Antonio Texas.

Sean Doyle

He is from San Marcos, TX and currently attends RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) for IT (Web Developer). He works with the World Deaf Swimming Championship (WDSC) 2015 this summer with the position as Web Master. His responsibilities for the WDSC website are to add/delete pictures, add new and updated contents, and many other things to help keep the website as simple as we can to help make the navigation a good experience for those who use it. During this event he will be adding live streaming web this year! He is very thankful to have this position to work with WDSC this summer.


  • USA Swimming for almost 35
  • National Championship Official for the past 20 years
  • FINA Starter 8 years - 2007 through 2014
  • LSC Officials Chair 2 years
  • LSC Technical Committee member 2 years
  • LSC Officials Committee member 11 years